beHuman is built to enhance all social media platforms by utilizing fundamental human practices to help users increase the impact of their digital mark, and have the ability to share on all existing accounts. 

beHuman intends to contribute by educating and incentivizing thoughtful action with its user base. Our user experience enables communities, organizations, and institutions to centralize all intentions of impact and gather true emotional and intelligent data.

Our data can be used to help change the social landscape of your community by understanding where it really stands and what triggers exist.  We help expose the truth in your community.

Activating Your Community

  1. Dedicate a focus and lead the implementation of initiative for social engagement. 
  2. Share Event Details with everyone within your organization or institution to participate in form of donor, volunteer, or attendee.

  3. Confirm all event details with beHuman.

  4. Make sure you highlight takeaways for the invitee!

    • “ With your help we will feed 1000 homeless families in 5 hours!”

  5. Expose your influence as a Campaign

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Each movement goes through a screening process. We select movements we feel are genuinely trying to create an impact and use their influence to create change. 

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