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Keep track of everything you're doing! View your token count, points earned, or which intentions you're posting about the most! We'll also send challenges and provide rewards upon completion!

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See your friends throughout the world get inspired by your posts. Reach out and talk on how you can help each other impact your community!

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Karma Store

Save your tokens and redeem them at our Karma Store! Gain access to exclusive offerings like scholarships, job opportunities, classes, coffee, clothes and more!

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Not sure what to post? Take on one of our challenges! Your Coach will guide you through your rank and keep you accountable! 

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Join a movement! We've rolled out an initiative called #WeAre. Connect with your community! Partner with businesses in your area to make a bigger impact!

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Points have a lot of value. Every point adds towards a token, redeemable in the Karma Store. Give points to friends and strangers when they inspire you!

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Stay inspired and be inspired. Our feed is filled with content that is changing the world!

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Walk through our journey as you unlock ranks. Each rank has a perk of it's own and even lets you redeem special Karma items!